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    Your high performance manufacturing powerhouse for the best American-Made products.

    Scorpion Racing Products is a leading American manufacturer of top quality valve train components for high performance street and racing applications. Scorpion has achieved a leading market position by focusing on the quality of its products, fast distribution and strong customer relationships. The company now sells roller rocker arms, shaft mount rocker arms, valve train stabilizer kits (stud girdles), fuel rail kits, lubricants and more.

    Scorpion Racing Products evolved from an offshore powerboat race team and engine building company, Blue Thunder Engines, owned and operated by Robert and Teresa Stopanio. The Stopanios won numerous offshore powerboat racing championships using their own engines.

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    The economic implications of Scorpion's ability to say "Made in America"
    The staggering trade imbalance the U.S. has worked its way into has reached precarious levels; most noteworthy in the disastrous devaluation of the dollar vs. most major world currencies. Much of this is the result of U.S. companies rushing to low-wage manufacturers, primarily in China.

    The U.S. Auto industry is the No. 1 contributor to America's trade imbalance despite the influx of foreign car manufacturers to set up assembly plants in this country. Computers are the No. 2 source of the nation's reliance on offshore companies and workers.  And No. 3 is Motor Vehicle Parts.

    Recently, 32% of all motor vehicle parts were purchased overseas, representing $71 billion of America's trade deficit and those numbers have continued to rise. However, Scorpion Racing Products has found that robotically controlled automation, top quality materials and highly experienced employees are the secret to offsetting the low-wage advantage of the Far East. As a result, Scorpion is manufacturing more and more orders that otherwise would have gone overseas, and more and more Americans are being hired to run the machinery to do it.

    Through top quality products, fast distribution and excellent customer service, Scorpion Racing Products looks forward to continued growth and is proud to declare, "Made in America!"

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    Scorpion is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which means we utilize a quality management system that requires us to constantly monitor and improve the quality of our manufacturing and customer service procedures. And that means you can count on the quality of our products.


    Our machinists take great pride in every product we manufacture. We strive for absolute perfection! Combined, our staff has over 200 years in the racing and engine building industries so we understand what it means to rely on engine components to provide peak performance under the most intense driving conditions.

    Lifetime Warranty

    At Scorpion Racing Products we are very proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our rockers.  We guarantee our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. 

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