This 462 makes 633 HP @ 6000 rpm and 620 ft lbs of torque with the following components:  400 block, 72cc 310 cfm Edelbrock heads,  BME Aluminum Rods, 1050 Dominator, Victor intake, SRP pistons, TIP Gaskets, MSD, Romac balancer, Total Seal Rings, Comp solid roller cam and valve train, Scorpion rockers

They are very good rocker arms. I have been using them for 12 years now in my 79Z28 350 500hp running with nitrous in the 10.7 area. Very solid product! Very good company.

~ Andy

CONGRATULATIONS to Cory Voss and his team! We love the Scorpion Racing Products decal on the front fender of their awesome Ford Thunderbird.

Pit Crew's 1973 AMC Hornet.  Dart 27002104 studs with the Scorpion SCP1054BL roller rockers

Rick Beil's 327 chevy with Dart heads. The rockers look just like your instruction sheet. Thanks for the great products. I'm expecting big things from this little bullet. I'm in Port Saint Lucie I'll keep you informed.

See attached my "door machine".

Best regards,

Rick Beil

1967 Mercury Cougar-347 Stroker EFI,Portwd TFS street intakes,75mm TB,3.5" custom CAI,30#,255lph,XE282HR cam, .030 Flat tops, Ported 210/60cc ProComp Heads,Scorpion 1.72 Scorpion Rocker,Tremec TKO-500, Alum f/w,traction bars, subframe conn, All new shocks, coils, springs, Exploder 8.8 w/3.73 posi, and ARP hardware all the way around, BOSS hood scoop, and still working on it!

I am currently running the Scorpion AMC roller rockers on my 1969 AMX 390.  Geometry is good with 8.0 Pushrods.   Much better that the old Crane roller rockers, quieter too.

​~ DesertAMX

Customer PHOTOS

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Hello all. I just want to share my experience with my install. I purchased a set of Scorpion Roller Rockers1.5 ratio part# SCP1035BL. These are really nice and made in the USA. All went well. They are really well made AND fit under stock covers! This was a big plus for me cause taller covers would not fit without grinding the back of the AC mounting bracket and not to mention additional cost.

Morabitio's 1997 Ford F350 Crew Cab, 350 HP, Torque 540, Scorpion Racing Roller Rockers

Check out my latest Mod - Scorpion 1.6 Ratio Roller Rockers, Jomar Stud Girdles, and Comp Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods, Sweet!

Stock 302 block, standard 4.000" bore, Stock Crank turned 0.010" under, Race Preppped Stock Rods with ARP Bolts, Stock Forged Aluminum Pistons, Rotating assembly balanced and blueprinted, Melling HV Oil Pump and Pickup, AFR 165/58cc Aluminum Heads, (9.5:1) ARP Head Studs, Scorpion 1.6 Roller Rockers, TFS 6 .350" Pushrods, Double Roller Timing Chain, TFS Stage 1 Camshaft, New Water Pump, Eastwood Universal Gloss Black Engine Paint, TFS Track Heat Lower Intake, MSD 8456 Distributor

1996 LX450 6.0L LQ9 Swap

Comp cam chromo push rods and Scorpion roller rockers set in place.